Hello. I'm Yee Yang, a Web Designer and Front-End Web Developer.*

*I get to do a lot of awesomeness on the web.

He's smiling. Can't you tell?

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Who I once was...

I came from a very humble beginning where the only thing I knew of computers was that I didn’t have one. I created my first email address on yahoo.com when I was a senior in high school. A freshman had to help me…

Who I became...

After learning all about computer hardware, I really started contemplating about what I really wanted to do as a career. As a hobbyist artsy guy and a computer geek, what better mix than as a Web Designer!

Who I aspire to be...

Having chosen my profession and being recognized by my peers as an accomplished junior designer; I continue to push myself to be industrious and ingenious in our field of web design and development.

ninjapowa v. to come to a mastery of a craft; to become ninja

( no, it’s not a real word. yes, i did make it up. )